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What School District do we live in?

  • Along with residents of Kennedy Township, Robinson Township, Pennsbury Village, and Thornburg, we live in the Montour School District.  The Montour School District is a comprehensive public school system comprised of two elementary schools (Burkett Elementary School and Forest Grove Elementary School), a middle school (David E. Williams Middle School), and a high school (Montour High School).  The District also is fortunate to have the Ingram Resource Center housed in the former Ingram Elementary School. The heart of the family-oriented suburban community of over 23,000 residents is located approximately 16 miles from Pittsburgh and 15 miles from the Pittsburgh International Airport.
  • The District serves over 2,995 students, employs a total of 444 staff including 237 teachers, and boasts an extensive system-wide curriculum and an impressive variety of extra-curricular activities for students in grades K-12. Montour has the highest PSSA scores out of surrounding school districts and the fourth lowest mileage rate in Allegheny County.
  • Montour’s mission is to provide an exemplary and comprehensive educational experience that enables each individual to achieve maximum potential, to respect themselves and others, and to become a responsible and productive citizen. The District maintains a tradition of providing students with a superior educational experience. Our students are consistently recognized for their academic, musical, and athletic achievements, and our programs ensure that students receive the academic and social challenges necessary to succeed.

When does the Borough Council meet?

  • Ingram Borough Council holds a public meeting on the second Monday of every month in the Council Chambers at the Ingram Borough Building.  Separately, the Council holds an Agenda Planning Meeting on the Thursday prior to the public meeting.
  • The Council has six committees: 1) Building and Zoning; 2) Code Enforcement; 3) General Government;  4) Highway, Health and Sanitation; 5) Parks and Recreation; and 6)  Police and Fire.  Each Committee is comprised of three Council members and holds meetings as needed.
  • More information about Borough Council can be found on the Elected Officials page.

When is the Borough Building open?

  • The Borough Building is open from 9 AM to 4 PM The mail phone number at the Borough is 412-921-3625.  In addition to phone, Debbie Stecko, Borough Secretary-Treasurer can also be reached at dstecko@ingramborough.org and Debbie O’Neil, Administrative Assistant, can be reached at doneil@ingramborough.org.

What day is trash pick up?

  • Wednesday is garbage day, please place your garbage at your curb no earlier than noon on Tuesday. Garbage must be stored in approved, securely closed containers and screened from public view when not out for collection. Please see the Waste Management brochure for holidays that affect pick up day.

Does Ingram recycle?

  • Yes! Recycling is every other Wednesday. Please place your recycling container beside your regular garbage at the curb. No need for sorting, either! Waste Management will recycle:
    • Plastic containers #1-7
    • Aluminum and steel cans with or without lids
    • Bottle glass bottles and jars – all colors and shapes
    • Milk cartons and drink boxes
    • Paper Products
      • Newspaper & inserts
      • Magazines and catalogs
      • Cardboard and clean empty pizza boxes
      • Dry food boxes
      • Junk mail, office paper and envelopes
      • School papers, files, folders, etc.
      • Corrugated cardboard (broken down so it is flat and no more than three feet in length or width and tied in a bundle)
      • Tissue boxes
  • For more details on what you can and cannot throw away please contact Waste Management at (800)449-7587.
  • Hazardous and electronic waste collection is included in the contract between Ingram and Waste Management. Collection of these materials requires additional arrangements. Please click here for more information.

Who is the earned income tax collector, and what are their hours?

  • Jordan Tax Service is the earned income tax collector and can be reached at 412-835-5243.

When is Ingram Days typically held?

  • Each July, Ingram Borough hosts an annual Ingram Days Celebration at the borough park.