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Building and Zoning Committee

Building and Zoning is an important part of everyday functions of the Borough of Ingram. The purpose of the Building and Zoning Committee is to recommend changes to Council relative to the zoning and building codes of the Borough. This committee works in conjunction with the Code Enforcement Committee.

Technology, Communications, and Finance

This committee oversees the Borough’s financial transactions. These include monthly expenses, insurance, and pensions. The Committee recommends to Council the annual budget and oversees the implementation of it after it is adopted. This committee also oversees the implementation and purchase of technology, as well as communication tools used by borough administration and services.

General Government Committee

The purpose of the General Government Committee is to act as liaison between the Borough Government and its local organizations and citizens. This committee is also responsible for the Borough staff members, the Borough building maintenance and building rentals.

Highways, Health and Sanitation Committee

This Committee is responsible for overseeing the Public Works Department. Recommendations to Council are made regarding repair and maintenance of the Borough’s streets, sewers, leaf collection and snow removal during the winter months.

Parks and Recreation Committee

One (1) main park and two (2) parklets provide quality areas for various sports and types of recreation. The Parks and Recreation Committee is responsible for recommending to Council the maintenance of the current facilities and the acquisition of new equipment.

Police and Fire Committee

This Committee has several responsibilities. The most important is providing equipment for the Police Department and the Volunteer Fire Department. The Committee’s goal is to maintain an open communication with both the Police and Volunteer Fire Department, and to develop ideas to make Ingram Borough a safe and pleasant community.

Code Enforcement Committee

This Committee monitors and enhances all activities and legislative actions that relate to local codification and ordinance enforcement.