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Shelter Rental Permit Application

Ingram residents may rent any of the three shelters available in Foster park. Residents and non-residents renting any shelter must complete an application, and they must submit that application to the borough office with he required rental fee. The required rental fees are listed on the application. Ingram park rules and regulations governing shelter rentals are included in the application.

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Building Permit Application

Residents intending to make certain structural or electrical alterations to their residence are required to submit an application for a building permit to the borough office. The necessity and scope of the permit is ultimately decided by the Ingram building inspector / zoning officer. This officer is an employee of Building Inspection Underwriters. He is in the borough office on Monday morning, or may be reached otherwise by leaving a message at 412-766-2565.

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Sanitary Sewer Certification Application

Individuals purchasing a home in Ingram must certify that the home roof drains, driveway drains, surface drains, french drains, sump pumps, basement drains, or other drains do not connect to the sanity sewer system. This application requires homeowner and master plumber certification of compliance.

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