Open Tax Collector Position

Ingram Borough is currently accepting applications for the position of real estate tax collector. This is an elected position that has become vacant; this appointment will expire at the end of 2019.

In order to be eligible for this position, the candidate must be a resident of Ingram, be a registered voter, provide a signed and notarized affidavit certifying continuous residency in Ingram Borough for the previous year and be bondable. The successful Applicant must also attend tax collector training and receive certification within 60 days of appointment (to be payed by the Borough). The successful Applicant must also submit a Pennsylvania State Police Criminal History Record within thirty (30) days of appointment that establishes that they have not been convicted of a crime under Act 48-2015 that prohibits them from taking office.

Tax collection law authorizes the tax collector to deputize an outside agency (subject to approval and paid for by the borough) to collect Ingram Borough real estate tax. Ingram Borough will request the tax collector to be available at the Ingram Borough Building for at least six days (minimum six hours per day) during the last two weeks of June to receive in-person payments from residents. The rate of pay for this position will be $600 per year payable at $50 per month.

The successful Applicant is legally required to collect real estate taxes for the Montour School District from Ingram residents. The rate of pay for this requirement will be set by the school district.

Applications can be dropped off at the Borough Building or emailed to and will be taken until Monday, February 5th. Interviews will be conducted on February 12th at the Borough Building. You will receive a call to schedule.

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